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Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate difficult conversations that push people to find their deeply rooted biases, and give them the tools to make de-biasing a daily practice to rebuild a new vision of the world through empathy and social equity.


It is important to recognize and teach the history and roots of human oppression. Consequently our curriculum focuses on finding and teaching innovative ways to relate to others based on that ever-evolving knowledge, and how our role in the oppression of others strips the world of unity. Although people cannot control emotions they can learn to face them with resilience and empathy, this is at the core of what we teach. It’s about constantly listening and re-thinking approaches.


Human relations and interaction are a journey, not a destination. As a result as the world evolves, so does our process and curriculum. Most importantly, true harmony is daily work. For that reason we seek to elevate consciousness as we gain a deeper understanding of people and the way they process the world. As we learn, we continue to re-envision, rebuild, and reshape ways to approach each other in order to build the world we all envision as harmonious.


Our organizational goal is to guide people to live in a state of effective communication and de-biasing. Therefore, this starts by building real, deep, and meaningful relationships across cultures, overcoming each challenge the bring as each hurdle arises. Through this process, together we can build true bonds in the community prepared to effect positive change in the world. Celebrating milestones is great, but it is also important to push forward and re-think and re-start the process once again if necessary.

Our Team

Alex Louis - RMHCI

Alex Louis - RMHCI

Lead Visionary

Alexandra graduated from University of Massachusetts, Boston with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. She has worked with different patient populations from geriatrics to adolescents and aids in motivating people to overcome their toughest life challenges. She is passionate about incorporating cultural diversity and awareness in counseling clients who come from disenfranchised backgrounds and believes in providing everyone with a voice and empower them from within themselves. Her work with marginalized communities experiencing racial and oppression trauma is at the cornerstone of her practice.

Mavi Ramirez

Mavi Ramirez

Lead Visionary

Mavi began her career as a Culturally Sensitive Marketer and Communicator in 2005. Since then, she has worked with dozens of clients, multinational, medium and small, to help them develop strategies to speak to sensitive segments of the population effectively and sensitively. She has also worked in the HR industry developing training products and communications strategies to create inclusive workplaces and culturally sensitive organizations. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Florida Atlantic University with multiple degrees in Business, Marketing Advertising and Accounting.

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