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Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate difficult conversations that push people to find their deeply rooted biases, and give them the tools to make de-biasing a daily practice to rebuild a new vision of the world through empathy and social equity.

Anti-Racism and Oppression Pledge

Anti-Racism and Oppression Pledge

Take the anti-racism and oppression pledge! We are asking organizations, people in power including politicians, communities, schools and other spaces to sign this pledge to make a public commitment to antiracism and oppression work.

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The Art of Centering

The Art of Centering

We need to center the conversation around survivors and their perspectives. We must never steer the conversation to them instead of justifying members of the oppressive group perpetrating the acts causing said trauma.

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Building Harmony With…

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Maria Victoria is highly knowledgeable and skilled in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This combined with her extensive experience in marketing and communication makes her excel in the training she provides in the areas of Cultural Relations, Implicit Bias, and Empathy. She brings her kindness, collaboration, and the pursuit of equity in every interaction, either personally or professionally. She has provided her training services for many years to our organization, and we are very grateful for her contributions.

Andrea Pascual, SHRM-CP®️
Director of Operations at Miami Music Project


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